Levi's Vintage Exploitation Posters Uncut

Here are the un-censorred versions of the posters I lettered and designed for Levi's Vintage using the photography of Immo Klink. It was fun using analogue techniques and materials for these in order to get that paste-up layout and cheap newsprint poster look of classic anything-to-sell-a-ticket, buck-a-thrill, beasts, breasts and body-count drive-in exploitation movies that I grew up loving on late-night TV and renting from TLA Video. 

Safe versions of these diabolical posters have been appearing in Levi's social media, their website and the recently published Levi's Vintage Lookbook, so I'll add some photos of that lovely book once I get my hands on a copy. I've since created even more conceptual vintage designs for Levi's so stay tuned!