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In A Minute: The Movie

This film was built from the one-minute-per-day video project of Bret "Downroc" Syfert and Derrick "Fatnice" Jackson, Starring Puppet Nice.


During the concurrent pandemic lockdown and intensified racial violence of 2020, Derrick and I collaborated on the "In A Minute" project as a way to process the stress on our mental health that we were experiencing.

We agreed to commit to a daily routine of creative expression. Each day, he recorded a vocal for his puppet persona, Puppet Nice. These vocals could be anything that inspired him in that moment. Sometimes he sang a song. Sometimes he read a piece of literature. Sometimes he rapped. The only restriction was that it had to be one minute or less.

Then, I acted out that vocal in front of a camera and through the puppet, combining the footage with whatever music, visuals, paper sculptures and DIY special effects I could fit into one day. By the end of that day, we would have a one-minute video to post on social media. By the end of that summer, we had produced 67 videos.

"In A Minute Movie" is a continuous narrative made by editing all of these videos together. It was amazing to see how all of these seemingly random videos came together to paint a clear portrait of the experience of living through that time. Thank you for watching.

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