CAPITALISM is an all-CAPS display font inspired by the Philly graffiti king and handstyle master KADISM. KAD was king of the routes and tunnels I walked and rode in my wide-eyed youth. I never met the North Philly hustler, but his work is one of the main reasons why I became obsessed with letters, specifically those which dance. Creating this freely available font was my way of paying tribute.


CAPITALISM is a self-kerning font, and I would describe it as a hybrid between my toy attempt at a basic tall Philly print and brush casual lettering.


It contains no punctuation, alternate glyphs, stars, arrows or punchlines, but it automatically spaces itself nicely within design software and even has some ligatures for funky character pairs.


Unlike real capitalism, this font is FREE. Download, use, alter and meme. I would love to see what folks out there come up with. If you want to use it for something commercial, please ask my permission and give credit.