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This Is A Voice: Book Design And Illustration

With three-colour spot printing throughout (and a fourth on the cover), this book takes the reader through 99 exercises to train, project and harness the power of the human voice. The fun of this project was actually working within those colour limitations as well as finding a way to fit lengthy instruction into a functionally concise handheld format. This is as much a tool as it is a book for those who are serious about increasing their vocal skills.

Under the creative direction of Marianne Dear, I strove to present the authors' complex content as clearly as possible while keeping the book's design playful and hopefully standing out from other titles on bookstore shelves. Once the hard cover edition with lovely yellow endpaper sold out, we also released a softcover edition with the same lush spot colours.

Book art videos

I've always been obsessed with books, but not just with reading them. As a child I liked to take them apart, see how they were made and try to build my own. I'm still fascinated by the this simple form, and how it can be an endless source of inspiration and an outlet for personal expression.

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