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Bret Syfert rocking the PHILADELPHIA Curve Tallhand 5 panel hat

I'm an experienced London-based freelance graphic designer, focusing on branding, custom lettering, layout & typography, font creation, logo creation, book design, art direction and both print & digital artworking. I consider myself a strong arts and design professional with MA degrees in Publishing and Book Arts from University of the Arts London and a BA in Graphic Design. Working from a private studio and available for short term placements, I've operated as an independent freelancing human under the name Hyde's Lovelies since 2010, but started out as a newspaper designer in 2002. I hope this website along with my LinkedIn profile serve to back up these righteous claims. Feel free to email, contact me through the form below, or find me on on the socials.

Thanks! I will write back as soon as I can.

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